Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Outside my window… from my living room, looking at my neighbors red trailer. I look at it so much that I really don't see it anymore.
I am thinking… bbq chips are like crack
I am thankful for… my friend's new healthy baby girl
From the kitchen… fear and loathing
I am wearing… slippers
I am creating… a backlog of dirty dishes
I am going… no where fast
I am reading… Pioneer Woman blogs
I am hoping… that Gage completely potty trains soon. He is almost there.
I am hearing… classical music, the hum from my computer, the ticking of the clock. Can you say two kids down for a nap?! Yay!
Around the house… many books on the floor, complements of Gage. Enzyme cleaner on certain pee spots, also complements of Gage. 
A few plans for the rest of the week… getting Mia's birth certificate, maybe reading my book (it's a bit boring), breakfast with a friend. Hope to see Danny at some point as he is in and out during a busy week.

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