Friday, August 8, 2008

back home

We just got back early on Thursday morning (2:30am) from Mexico. It was a nice, relaxing vacation. We didn't do much but swim in the ocean and swim in the pool. I tried to get tan, but even my tan is not very tan compared to most people. We were there with other salesmen from Danny's company, although I hadn't met most of them since they are all from other locations. They were all the hardworking ones who exceeded the sales goal last year. Congratulations to them! 

Yesterday I slept in, picked up my dog from the Rents, and worked on cleaning my house. We didn't leave it very nice before we went to Mexico, so I just wanted to get it back to livable standards and make it a place I'd like to lounge in for the next couple days without the visual stress. I also cooked a was nice to get back to my kitchen after vacation! I didn't make anything fancy, but I had inspiration from Chez Pim. After dinner Danny agreed to play cards with me (amazing!). It is nice to be home.
...but then I look at the picture of me in the pool again, and wish I was back there! sigh...