Monday, February 28, 2011

Daybook 2/28/11

  • Outside my window... bright blue sky and beautiful snow covered peak.
  • I am thinking... of all the cleaning I'd like to accomplish, but trying to keep it realistic. I tend to over-plan my days and end up feeling defeated when all I can get to during the day is changing dirty diapers. 
  • I am thankful for... a husband who is in this life with me. Yesterday we had a hard day with a sick child and a little one who cried non-stop. He launched into the day with me not backing away from household duties. It's not what he wanted to do on his day off, but he did it without complaining. 
  • From the kitchen... planning to make some chicken soup for lunch and ham, broccoli, potatoes for dinner. 
  • I am wearing... a happier face than yesterday! 
  • I am creating... an overabundance of compost. I need to empty out our bin into the garden plots and make room for stinky, black wonder. 
  • I am going... to go easy on myself today. 
  • I am reading... the New Testament in a year.
  • I am hoping... that Gage will get over his cold quickly. Wiping snot is not my idea of a good time. 
  • I am hearing... a song I haven't listened to in a long time. It's on the radio. "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by The Clash
  • Around the house... I love the sun coming into the methlab (long story on the name of that room... ask me if you are interested). I love the new open space in there for Gage to play.  
  • A few plans for the rest of the week... library time, getting out in the nice weather - maybe a trip to the park, wiping snotty noses, changing dirty diapers, helping language development, reading Goodnight Moon too many times. 
  • A picture to share:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I stole this idea from GreenStyleMom, who also stole the idea from another blogger. Here are my notes for today. 

Outside my window... small covering of snow on the ground, gray clouds, bare trees. It is really cold today.
I am thinking... about investments. I'd like to have some 'play money' to be able to do some day trading.
I am thankful for… the baby sleeping for the last 2 hours and Gage playing with toys by himself. Gage and I had a nice peaceful breakfast, then I have been able to catch up on the news while drinking a cup of tea. 
From the kitchen... oatmeal, english breakfast tea, chicken nicoise planned for dinner, empty dishwasher.
I am wearing... jeans, brown wool sweater, big sweatshirt over top because it's cold in here. 
I am creating... an updated list of daily to-do items to work around my new nursing schedule. Yes, it is in excel...yes, I'm a geek.
I am going... to the library?? I'm not sure how motivated I am to take the babies out in the cold weather, but it is always a good activity for Gage.
I am hoping... we can get rid of Mia's oxygen tank soon. 
I am hearing... "Up, up, up" "Go, go, go" "Papa, papa, papa" - the constant refrains from my little guy. The radio playing in the livingroom - they just switched from the morning news to music. The soft hum of the space-heater. The drumming beat of Gage's feet as he runs from room to room.
Around the house... evidence of children everywhere. Cars in the kitchen, baby swing & train set in the livingroom, bassinet in the bedroom. When did my house start looking like a toy store? A messy toy store?
A few plans for the rest of the week… valentine's crafts with Gage, return borrowed maternity clothes, bath time with a glass of wine, movie night with Gage while Danny is gone. 
A picture to share:
Danny 'wrestling' with Gage in the kitchen

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Parenting a sick child

Gage was sick this weekend. He was running a high fever, which made him really lethargic and he napped frequently. It is hard to see my child sick especially when he usually has such high energy. Last night I let him sleep in bed with me so I could take care of him. He needed to snuggle with me and I think the close contact is as good for me as for him.  The relief I felt this morning when his fever was gone is huge. Even after a long night of poor sleep I realize it is worth it to see my boy well. I have also found it difficult to have a sick toddler and take care of a newborn too. In the past I have been able to drop what I’ve been doing and spend all my time taking care of him when he is sick. But now I have to split my time between the two kids.

First-born children often complain about having things more difficult than the other children; having to pave the way for their siblings. I wish more of them could remember the time before they had siblings and when they received all of their parents’ attention. Gage will probably never remember all the time we spent together just us two. We have had a lot of fun and he has certainly been the center of our attention for almost 2 years.