Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Parenting a sick child

Gage was sick this weekend. He was running a high fever, which made him really lethargic and he napped frequently. It is hard to see my child sick especially when he usually has such high energy. Last night I let him sleep in bed with me so I could take care of him. He needed to snuggle with me and I think the close contact is as good for me as for him.  The relief I felt this morning when his fever was gone is huge. Even after a long night of poor sleep I realize it is worth it to see my boy well. I have also found it difficult to have a sick toddler and take care of a newborn too. In the past I have been able to drop what I’ve been doing and spend all my time taking care of him when he is sick. But now I have to split my time between the two kids.

First-born children often complain about having things more difficult than the other children; having to pave the way for their siblings. I wish more of them could remember the time before they had siblings and when they received all of their parents’ attention. Gage will probably never remember all the time we spent together just us two. We have had a lot of fun and he has certainly been the center of our attention for almost 2 years. 

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