Sunday, November 6, 2011

Random Observations on the Beautiful Sunday

1. It is a Beautiful Day
     I haven't actually been outside, but it looks beautiful from my window
2. Big breakfasts are one of the best changes in our lives since having kids
     Almost everyday we eat a big breakfast now (something other than a bowl of cereal, which was our breakfast pre-kids). The kids don't require it, but now I have more time in the mornings and it means Danny has to eat fewer snacks before lunch
     FYI - today we had scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and tea/juice/milk (depending on the person)
3. I have become a fan of creating an art journal
    Visit my Pinterest board to see some fun examples
4. Watching football is different since having kids
     I used to be able to watch a whole game (or full afternoon of games) uninterrupted. Now I have to help tie shoes, wipe noses, get food for one then the other child, and I can't even hear the tv over the racket.
     One thing has stayed the same: Danny still doesn't like to watch
5. I'm a Broncos fan but it is pretty painful to watch
     Even when they are doing well