Wednesday, March 16, 2011

People Watching

I don’t get much of an opportunity to sit in coffee shops and people watch. Hauling two kids – one of whom likes to run around wildly and say hi to everyone and pull things off shelves – into a relatively quiet shop usually results in nasty looks and raised blood pressure. For me.
But oh, I enjoy being able to sit down with a cup of coffee and have a peaceful moment whenever possible. It’s one of those pleasures that I used to take for granted and is now a great luxury. And people watching while drinking coffee is a natural combination.  It’s almost a requirement.
Yesterday afternoon I had such an opportunity. I put the kids in the stroller and walked downtown to a cute shop for some wrapping paper. The weather has been insanely nice for this time of year. On Monday Danny and I even took advantage of the warm weather and the time change (it still being light at 4pm) to go for a short run. More on that later.
After the kids and I finished terrorizing the poor ladies at the shop (my little sweet pea decided to cry the whole time, while the blobster proceeded to use the wrapping paper we were purchasing as a weapon), we headed towards home. However, we didn’t get far before there was a loud request coming from the front of the stroller. “Deat” Toddler translation: let’s Eat. I’m hungry.
Deat. Deat. Deat… yes, it was repeated about 50 times. If you have a toddler you understand.
Soooo, we stopped in at Starbucks because I had a gift certificate and it was the closest “Deating” establishment. While we were in line, the sweet pea miraculously fell asleep and after the blobster got his apple juice he was blissfully content for 10 minutes. So I took those 10 minutes and sat down at a table and drank my sugary caffeine, and watched what was going on around me. An entertaining circus. I think because of the nice weather there were more people out and about than usual. I watched an older couple meeting for coffee after work – they were obviously both professionals, dressed in suits. This may have been a first or second date…they were a bit awkward with each other but too familiar for it to be business. There was a lady in a bright red beret and sweat pants (interesting combo) who stopped to talk to the Greenpeace pushers on the corner. There was a homeless man in a stocking cap, heavy coat, and thick boots who was quickly passed by a young man with no shirt on and running shorts. Another guy came into Starbucks carrying a pizza box and bantered back and forth with his buddy who was making the coffee. He sat down but never ordered anything.
Anyway, there was lots more to see but the rally cry of “Go! Go! Go!” was coming from the stroller. Someone must have finished his juice. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. 

the weather is so nice that the crocus are blooming!

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