Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brave One

With all the revolts/revolutions going on around the world, I ask myself, how did it start? First Tunisia, then Egypt, and quickly followed by Bahrain and Libya. Why now? These countries have had the same dictators for years and years. It started with one person. We will never know who it was that reached a breaking point and whispered to a friend “enough is enough”. One brave soul broke out of their fear and made a statement. They may not have even intended to start a revolt, but their plea moved from person to person until a small group was impassioned enough to stand up to tyranny. And with the help of global media, the movement caught on like wildfire and spread as people realized they weren’t alone in their sentiments. That is why many dictators try to control the media. They know that as long as people are not sharing ideas they can be stuck in their fear, but as soon as people start sharing openly and freely they will be able to topple any government.
Several years ago I enjoyed reading “In the time of Butterflies”, which touches on the subject. It takes a look at 4 sisters and their different reactions to oppressive government in the Dominican Republic.

What about me? Would I be brave? Would I be someone to stick my neck out or would I keep quiet? There are plenty of things to be passionate about and there are unnumbered injustices in the world. Am I willing to sit idle and not do anything about it? But it is overwhelming to know where to start or what to do. I guess in many ways I have not reached a breaking point yet, or it is not personal enough. I am busy with my own family and as long as we are healthy and happy then I’m willing to shut my eyes to what is going on around me. I know that taking care of my family is a full-time job, but I guess I just feel guilty sometimes for not doing more. 

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Greenstylemom said...

I was just thinking that I read that book a few years ago also, and then I remembered that we read it for book club. I really enjoyed it.

Right now I am reading Half the Sky. Its non fiction, and already very powerful. I think you would be as moved as I am.