Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Visit

We recently had some family visit from South Carolina. It was really nice to spend some time with them and get to know our nieces and nephew a little better.
Here they are: Honey, Heaven, and Tom - we caught them playing Angry Birds on Danny's IPAD

The girls took some time to go shopping in Old Colorado City. It was fun to have some girl time. The boys went hiking while we were shopping.

Heaven and Honey are very into music and are really talented. We were able to get them to sing for us a few times. They were nice enough to let the Blobster play with them too.

We had a nice celebration for Honey, welcoming her into womanhood. She is so pretty! (Another girl time! I think the boys were playing in the dirt. Seriously... they were in Bobcats)

We all got dressed up. The girls sang for us again; a lovely treat. We were going to have tea, but it was too hot, so we had punch instead. Susan used her grandmother's china - it was so fancy! I hope Honey felt like a princess.

Here is everyone. From left to right in back - Gage, Danny, Honey, Heaven (sorry you got covered up a bit!), Susan (holding Mia), Don. In Front - Sarah, Greg (Danny's brother), Tom.

Aside from our shopping, and girl time, we also had everyone over for dinner at our house, a bbq on July 4th, and dinner out. They also took a trip to the Royal Gorge and the Air Force Academy. I think overall they had an action packed trip.

So the Hankins' clan keeps expanding, and we are richer to have them all in our lives.

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