Thursday, April 14, 2011

Still Sleeping

It is 7am and my little boy is still sleeping. This is monumental! He has very rarely slept more than 9 hours at any point in his life (usually much less). I remember the last time that he did this I went into his room at 7:30am to make sure he was still breathing. So far, so good (on the breathing bit, not so good on the sleeping history bit).
Most recent pictures of my little man

 Because he was still in bed I went ahead and started breakfast without him. He is my kitchen helper. He really likes to cook with me. Especially breakfast. We usually alternate between making eggs (sometimes with bacon or as he says ‘bakie’), and oatmeal. This morning it is oatmeal. He regularly sits on the counter next to me and measures out the oatmeal into the pot. When it is ready we add cinnamon applesauce to it and he eats almost more than I do.

When we make eggs, his favorite part is stirring the eggs before I put them in the pan. We are now getting our farm eggs again (from a co-worker who lives out east), and he is fascinated with the occasional green and blue eggs. It’s like opening a present every morning when we open the egg container. What color will they be today??

He also now tells me the steps… by pointing… to how I should make my tea every morning. I sometimes have coffee, but lately I have been making tea more often. 
There is something comforting about having my tea and listening to morning news radio. I really enjoy Marketplace Morning Report. They are so sarcastic it makes me giggle. Okay, maybe that shows more of my lame financial side. As my friend Dan says “Accountants aren’t boring people, we just get excited by boring things.”

Well, ahem… moving on…

My plans for the next few days…
The Goatee Man is gone for some training, then helping with a plumbing project, so he will be gone for a few days. I will be having lunch with a friend today, then my sister is coming for the weekend – the plumbing project is at her house so she is coming to escape the mess and be here where there will be running water. I have a birthday party, a dr. appt, an engagement party, and shopping planned. So I will stay busy!

Cheers! Have a good weekend!

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