Friday, April 1, 2011

My Coffee is Cold

My coffee is cold.
It’s 8:45am and a lot has happened since I made myself a pot after breakfast. First there was the Sweet Pea to feed and change. Then oops, another diaper change. The Blobster to help to the potty; then the inevitable repeat trips to the potty to get out of finishing his breakfast. Then we had training on how to pull pants off and on by himself. (I think he is getting it! Hopefully that will mean fewer accidents). Then we had family devotion time. Next, we headed upstairs to reassess the baby’s wardrobe. It seems she no longer fits in the newborn size and is ready for the next set of clothes.

* We are so fortunate to have inherited girl clothes from several close friends. It is awesome to see the accumulated piles of pink in the closet. *

After we picked out a new onsie for the Sweet Pea, I headed back downstairs to get pants that would fit her. Then back upstairs to play “Peek” with the Blobster. (He likes to throw his blankets over the side of his crib and hide behind them while I crouch down and jump up saying “Peek!”.) Then we went back downstairs to get a snack – I guess he didn’t get enough to eat at breakfast – oops. Then when we got back upstairs, we had a lesson on sharing so that Sweet Pea could lay on one of Blobster’s blankets while I played with him. Then there was a succession of cheering as several more trips to the potty were made. (I think he just likes the cheering because most of the trips were unfruitful.) After more practicing pulling the pants off and on we changed the Blobster out of his pj’s and into his clothes. Next, I did some push-ups and sit-ups (with the Blobster trying to help).


Now my coffee is cold and the Sweet Pea has fallen asleep. I think I will go take a shower. 

The Sweet Pea sleeping this morning in her new outfit.

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Jen Kent said...

sheesh! That's a lot by 8:45 a.m.