Monday, June 30, 2014

Managing the Heat

Sometimes I feel that one of my major jobs is managing the heat in the house. In the winter I’m trying to keep the heat in; plugging up holes where cold air is creeping in, stuffing towels in the windows that gap, opening blinds when the sun is trying to shine, closing off entire rooms that have electric heaters (expensive to run!), but often it comes down to moving a space heater around with me from room to room.

Now we are trying to keep the heat out of an old house without central air. We open every window during the night and have window fans bringing in the cool air. Then in the morning I have to run around closing them all and closing all the blinds so no sun can heat up the rooms. Last week there were several nice days that I was able to leave the windows open all day to get a nice breeze and it wasn’t too hot. That was heavenly!
But the last few days have been HOT, so we have come to the point in the summer that we really need to haul the window air conditioning unit from the basement up to our bedroom. I say we, but I really mean my husband. It is really heavy and usually results in banged knuckles and profanity mumbled under his breath.

Some of us deal with heat a little differently. The littlest one just ran inside nude – she was playing in a tub of water in the backyard after breakfast and got her pjs wet so they had to come off. Sometimes I wish I was 3.

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Susan Hankins said...

Yes, being a child certainly has its advantages!