Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Updated Book List

I have removed my list of books read during 2008 (on the right panel) and started a new list for this year. I'm not going to include the children's books I read to Gage... that list would be really long. And it is hard to feel a sense of accomplishment for reading a book with a total of 20 words. However, I think I should get an award every time I read Dr. Seuss' Zoo book without stumbling on the words.
Since I didn't update my blog during 2009 I don't have a list of the books I read last year. But I want to keep a record of my 2008 books, so I've listed them here for posterity sake.
11/8/08: "Lies, Inc." Philip K. Dick
10/1/08: "Bowdrie's Law" Louis L'Amour
9/29/08: other short stories by Robert Louis Stevenson
9/22/08: "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" Robert Louis Stevenson
9/12/08: "Interview with a Vampire" Anne Rice
8/25/08: "The Last of the Mohicans" James Fenimore Cooper
8/6/08: "Evil Under The Sun" Agatha Christie
8/5/08: "The Red Pony" John Steinbeck
7/1/08: "Three Cups of Tea" Greg Mortenson
6/16/08: "Change of Heart" Jodi Picoult
6/14/08: "Victory Over Japan" Ellen Gillchrist
5/21/08: "Playing for Pizza" John Grisham
5/12/08: "Water for Elephants" Sara Gruen
5/7/08: "The Servant" James Hunter
4/27/08: "Friday Night Knitting Club" Kate Jacobs
3/4/08: "Tucker" Louis L'Amour
2/20/08: "Jane Eyre" Charlotte Bronte
2/1/08: "The Winter of Our Discontent " John Steinbeck
Happy Reading!


Becky said...

Which one was your favorite, Sarah?

I think posting a list of books I've read this year is a great idea! I might steal it.

Sarah said...

John Stinebeck is probably my favorite author, although I think I liked "Water for Elephants" the best as far as individual book.