Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gage turned 3

April 4, 2012 - Birthday Boy
My little Boy is growing up – we rarely even call him the Blobster any more. It doesn’t seem an appropriate nickname for such a big boy. Mostly we call him Gage-a-rooni; don’t ask me how we came up with that, I’m sure it had something to do with making up a song to make him laugh. I will keep you informed of any new nicknames that come up, which is inevitable.

We had a family party for Gage this year. I wanted to do a vintage rocket theme, but it didn’t turn out as grand as my Pinterest board seemed. (It turns out I’m not Martha Stewart after all) But I had fun getting everything ready to make the day special for my baby (who is no longer a baby, as we have already established). And Gage was so excited, hopping around and asking me all day if he could eat his cake. Birthdays pretty much equate to cake for him. Which I guess never really changes.
My first attempt at making/icing a cake. It looks ok if you don't look too closely. But it was tasty!
Thanks to Michelle for some basic tips. 
Rockets - mini 'pinatas' Gage helped me make them, and had fun pulling the strings to make them explode 
I felt very crafty making the table settings


Michelle said...

Look at that smile! And I love your table settings, also stealing the pizza making for the near future! PS the cake looks great!

Jen Kent said...

It all looks so great! And he's so big and such a handsome boy!