Saturday, June 4, 2011

Funny Things Kids Say

The Blobster is expanding his vocabulary every day and will repeat ANYTHING we say (so we have to be careful). One of the funny things he has started doing is when he gets frustrated or is doing something he isn’t supposed to be doing (ex. throwing his toys), he yells “Matthew”. That is his middle name. So he hears me say his full name and now he thinks it’s a curse word. It makes me giggle.

Recently we were in the car and the Sweet Pea started coughing. I asked, hypothetically, if she was going to choke and die. He was very serious and repeated “choke and die” over and over for a while. Oops, I probably shouldn’t say those things. But it did make me giggle.

One of the cute things he is saying is, “Right There” very emphatically when he is pointing to anything. I.e. where do you want a kiss? Pointing to his cheek, loudly saying “Right There”! Where is the bug? “Right There”! Where should I put your snack? “Right There”! At night he wants me to lay down next to him “Right There”!, pointing to the pillow next to him. It makes me giggle.

He is now saying his name pretty well, but just a few weeks ago he was struggling with it. Apparently G’s are hard letters to pronounce. For some reason when he tried to say Gage it very clearly sounded like Dave. The first time he did it, I looked at Goatee Man and introduced him to his son, Dave. It made me giggle. 

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Jen Kent said...

so, Gage clearly makes you giggle a lot. He's adorable and I love those photos!