Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gardening - continued

Composting is a new endeavor we have jumped into. Danny built a great barrel tumbler composter for us and replicated it for several friends. (I’m so happy to have a husband who can build/fix things!!) We began composting for the benefit of my garden, and also for the environment. Since we have been recycling, and now composting, we have greatly reduced the amount of trash we are setting out on the curb, which is a great immediate improvement.
I have now been able to use the first of the compost we have made. I’m so excited about this for my garden. I incorporated some of the compost into the bed where I sowed some seeds, and I used some more in my iris border I cleared of weeds. Those irises have not done much blooming since we moved in, but after I added the compost I now have quite a few buds on those plants! It really makes me feel good to see my “trash” being used to make my plants healthy. And those flowers make me smile.
Since we are going more green, I liked this article on how to talk to kids about environmental issues.\

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Becky said...

We just moved into our new house and I was excited to see they left their composter! I will be doing lots of research about the best way to compost, so I'd gladly welcome any tips!