Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So after trying to find "the best" workout to get a great body in time for our sailing trip, I decided that really it comes down to the simple process of eating well, and exercise...any exercise. And since last year I was training for a triathlon and it kicked my butt into shape, I decided that I would go back to that plan. I find that I do best when I have everything laid out for me; how much/when I should bike, swim, run, and do weight training. It makes it easy to wake up in the morning and just do what my training plan is telling me. Although, I have to actually get up and go to the gym; that's the hard part. But I always feel so good when I workout in the morning that it is motivating to do it again tomorrow. The other hard part is doing the plan...the one I picked is pretty ambitious so I have a lot of work to do to keep up with it. I can do it though, it just requires effort (which is really the point of exercise, right?)

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Go, Sarah, Go! :-)